You did an amazing job!
I just wanted to say thank you. Our trip to Russia was amazing. Nelly and our family were together the entire trip. You did an amazing job! Thank you!
Cypress, Texas - Jul 17, 2019
Everything on our trip was great
Everything on our trip was great. EVA Air was very comfortable…service was very good.  So glad that we flew premium economy. The accommodations in Vietnam were terrific. We loved the overnight cruise on the Orchid Boat in Ha Long Bay. Our guides were very good. We especially enjoyed our guide in Hanoi, Mr. Loc. We asked him to take us to a meal after our cruise. He took us on his motorbike. That was an experience.  We actually had two meals with him. Both at little restaurants that only served one dish. One, served only one type of Pho, a family secret recipe. We ate in an alley on those little plastic chairs and tables. It was good. Henry’s sister and niece enjoyed their stay and Barbara liked the tours. All in all, we had a fabulous trip. Thank you again for planning such a wonderful trip.
Los Angeles, CA - Apr 01, 2019
We could not be happier with our trip
Thanking you for all of your help with our vacation! We could not be happier with our trip and our Globotours experience. We would love to leave a good review, is there a place we can do that? Also wanted to let you know that we got engaged on our trip and are already thinking about planning our honeymoon through Globotours when the time comes! Thanks for everything!
Columbus, OH - Feb 25, 2019
It was a wonderful trip
Thank you! Yes, we had a delay but our guide was there to meet us when we finally arrived. It was a wonderful trip. We would highly recommend Globotours!  Thank you for all of your help!
Shelton, CT - Feb 25, 2019
My trip was the best
My trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore, was the best!!! Everything was so well organized and executed throughout the entire trip.  All sixteen of us was truly amazed how Globotours made this look so seamless…
New York, NY - Feb 18, 2019
We were so impressed
Michael and I are always so flattered and grateful for the exceptional customer service you provide us in arranging these great trips for us.  We really appreciate that! We were so impressed with our stay at the Ritz and the services provided by the local agency that we completed surveys for both and mentioned the employees by name who made our stay so special. I look forward to booking more trips with you in the near future. Kindest Regards,
San Francisco, CA - Jan 19, 2019
A trip of a lifetime
Thank you for all the work you did to make this a trip of a lifetime. Every facet of this experience went smooth and without a hitch – which is unbelievable since there were so many activities and a huge logistical exercise. We will definitely use you in future travels. Thanks for your professionalism and hard work!
San Diego, CA - Oct 12, 2018
Yes, we were very pleased
Yes, we were very pleased with the trip. Our guides were very informative and professional. Accommodations were good and it was nice to travel with a small group. Please keep us in mind if you have a small group and need to fill a few spots or have any specials. We are self-employed and flexible. We look forward to traveling with Globotours again. Thank you
San Diego, CA - Oct 12, 2018
Wonderful Trip
We have had an extraordinary trip.  Hot and exhausting but WONDERFUL trip.  Going to airport now to start home. Thanks for all you did to help us in every way.  When I recover I can report back to you.  The place we stayed in Bagen and Hey were fantastic..  talk to you soon.
Stone Mountain, GA - Sep 11, 2018
Excellent guides
Wanted to let you know that I had a fabulous trip to Borneo and Singapore. All of the guides were very good, hotels were excellent.
Hermosa Beach, CA - Jun 05, 2017
Wonderful Vietnam Trip
I want you to know what a wonderful trip I had in Vietnam. The people were warm and friendly, the country was beautiful and the entire experience was delightful. I so enjoyed Halong Bay and Hoi An! I would have liked more time in each. I want you to know that I was particularly impressed with the accommodations. I have a lot of places on my “to do” list, but hope I can return to Vietnam and spend more time. I will definitely recommend you to anyone traveling to Vietnam.
Bonita Springs, FL - May 04, 2017
Memorable Vacation.
My husband and I had a wonderful and memorable vacation and appreciate all your help to make it happen! Our experience at the COMO hotels was exceptional and we plan on returning soon! Have a great weekend!
San Francisco, CA - Apr 22, 2017