About Us

Since its inception in 1994, Globotours has been able to successfully perfect and offer first-class, custom-made travel programs constructed for individuals or groups of any size. We have gradually fine-tuned each tour through many years of solid experience to develop the perfect programs. With first-hand knowledge of all our destinations and strong global relations, we are able to create the foundation for a variety of packages that are aimed to carefully meet the needs of the everyday traveler and make sure everything is done right the first time. With such a respectable reputation, we are confident that we will deliver superior quality at the best value.

So much to discover…The fascinating history of Egypt, the modern-day miracle of Hong Kong, the diverse cultures, and the natural beauty of Asia… There is a true richness of places to visit, people to meet, and wonderful sights to experience. Let Globotours be your gateway to the World with a wide selection of itineraries tailored to meet your travel needs.

A wealth of experience

With strong global relations, Globotours’ resources extend across the Orient. Our team of full-time travel professionals, many of whom are native to the countries and regions they serve, experts in destination knowledge and group/independent travel logistics. They are fully committed to our customers, are well-trained, and possess years of experience curating the best travel experiences. We aim to share this expertise with you on a tour that will leave a lasting impression.

Our commitment to you

The philosophy of Globotours is simple: We care deeply that travelers are satisfied. Travel agents as well as our clients have learned that our word is our bond, and that they can recommend Globotours to their clients, friends and relatives without hesitation. We try so hard because we want travelers to be so satisfied, that they will return to us whenever they are planning their trips to the Orient. In short, we always put our customers’ needs first – that is our commitment to you.

The Globotours difference

The Orient and its many wonders take on a whole new dimension when seen through the eyes of a “Globotours Experience”. Offering more choices to the most popular destinations in the Orient, our creative itineraries find the unusual, the little known, the extraordinary and bring them to life.

Fascinating Itineraries

We have been out and about to find the most interesting places and the most fascinating sights. We have brought them together for a range of itineraries that give you a true picture of the country you are visiting.

A few good reasons why booking your holiday with Globotours makes perfect sense.

Special service - Meeting your needs

Globotours representatives will be on hand throughout your tour to ensure your questions are answered and your needs are met. From the moment you book your tour to the time you touch down at your destination, our on-site staff will be there to give you the right information and ensure that your expectations are met.

Small group size

Bigger is not better when it comes to tour group size, so that at Globotours, we aim to keep the numbers down in order to maintain a higher standard of care, attention, and service. We also give you the time you need to linger and truly appreciate the sights you see on your tour.

Exceptional dining

The enjoyment of dining is a delightful and integral part of travel. That is why Globotours selects restaurants and menus that offer a true “taste” of each city you visit.

Airlines partners

We have teamed up with some of the world’s best airlines to ensure your comfort and high-quality inflight service.

Distinguished hotels in the best location

Comfort, great service, and convenience are the key criteria we demand when searching for hotels to include in our itineraries. We have selected the highest quality accommodations in the best possible location.