Travel Along the Southern Silk Road of Xinjiang

Duration : 12 Days


This 12-day journey along the Southern Silk Road of Xinjiang is an adventure that will take you through a land rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. From the bustling city of Urumqi to the stunning Karakul Lake, you will explore the ancient trade route that linked China to the West. Along the way, you will visit markets, museums, and monuments that offer a glimpse into the diverse ethnic groups that have called this region home for centuries. Join us on this unforgettable trip and discover the wonders of the Southern Silk Road.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover one of Chin’s three great ancient projects, the Karez underground irrigation system in Turpan
  • Explore the magnificent Gobi Desert and the well-preserved ruins of Gaochang city
  • Learn about the origins of the Tarim Basin and the lost kingdom of Loulan at Lop Nur village
  • Visit the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, home to some of Central Asia’s most impressive Buddhist art
  • Admire some of Central Asia’s most impressive Buddhist art in the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Kucha
  • Explore the ancient ruins of Rawak Stupa in the Taklamakan Desert while experiencing Gandharan architecture
  • Witness ancient paintings and well-preserved murals at the smallest Buddhist temple in the world in Qira County
  • Explore the vibrant city of Kashgar, known for its bazaars, mosques, and traditional Uyghur culture
  • Take a scenic drive along the Karakoram Highway, one of the world’s highest and most spectacular roads, with views of snow-capped mountains and glacial lakes
  • Explore Tashkurgan, an ancient city that served as a key trading post along the Silk Road and is home to the impressive Stone Fort
  • Experience local culture and cuisine with visits to traditional restaurants and markets

What’s Included

  • 11 nights in 3, 4 & 5-star accommodation
  • 31 Meals: 11 breakfasts and 10 lunches, and 10 dinners
  • English-speaking guide
  • Transfers, sightseeing tours, and cultural performances as specified in the itinerary
  • Hotel taxes and service charges

What’s Excluded

  • International flights
  • Gratuities, travel insurance, and visa fees
  • Meals, beverages, and optional activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Personal expenses like laundry, telephone/fax calls, drinks, camera/video camera fees at monuments, medical expenses



Upon arrival in Urumqi, your guide will welcome you at Urumqi Airport and accompany you to your hotel. Take your time to explore this fascinating destination on your own.


Accommodation: Urumqi Grand Mercure Hotel or similar


Venture towards the unique and fascinating destination of ancient Turpan. After breakfast, we will embark on a scenic drive to this charming oasis town 505 feet below sea level. Due to its location in a depression bounded by faults in the earth's surface, Turpan is considered one of the hottest and driest areas on the planet during the summer months. Upon arrival, we will explore the amazing Karez underground irrigation system, one of China's three great ancient projects, before checking in to your hotel and enjoying a scrumptious lunch at the hotel restaurant. In the afternoon, we will visit the captivating Jiaohe Ruins, a unique attraction of an ancient city excavated from Turpan's yellow desert siltstone. To experience the region's authentic culture, we will indulge in a delectable dinner at a local Uighur family's home, which will also include an enthralling cultural show.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Mercure Hotel Turpan or similar


Our journey begins at Aydingkol Lake, located 31 miles away from Turpan. This stunning location is situated at the bottom of the deepest depression in China's land mass, known as Turpan Pendi, which is 508 feet below sea level. One of the local attractions, Flaming Mountain, is named after its scorching temperatures, reaching over 158°F on a summer day. Our next stop will be the magnificent Gobi Desert and the well-preserved ruins of Gaochang city. This destination shines like a jewel on the Silk Road, with some of the best-preserved ruins in China. We will then explore Tuyoq Village, a charming oasis that boasts vineyards, orchards, narrow streets, and irrigation channels tumbling between ancient mud-brick buildings. We will end our day at the Emin Minaret, a remarkable structure made of mud brick that has stood the test of time for 232 years, thanks to the drought conditions

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Mercure Hotel Turpan or similar


Embark on a scenic drive to Korla, passing through the picturesque Tianshan Mountain and Bosten Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. After arrival, our first stop will be at Lop Nur village to learn about the lost kingdom of Loulan and the origins of the Tarim Basin. In Mongolian, Lop Nur means 'vast lake.' Lop Nur was China's second-largest inland lake during the Silk Road. Desertification and excessive economic activities destroyed the kingdom. We will then transfer to Korla, where we will spend the night. Our lunch and dinner will be served at local restaurants, allowing us to experience the local cuisine and culture.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Kangcheng International Hotel or similar


Today we explore the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Kucha. This center of Hinnayana Buddhism was formerly an important trade route. Kucha was a major destination on the Silk Road and had a diverse population, creating murals inspired by Afghan, Persian, and Indian travelers. The Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves contain some of Central Asia's most impressive Buddhist art, and these artifacts date back to the third century. This is also one of the earliest Buddhist cave complexes in China. Two hundred thirty-six coded caves extend over a distance of 1.8 miles, though only a few are open to exploration. The drive to the caves reveals bleak and empty landscapes, followed by a mulberry and poplar trees scene, making for a pleasant afternoon on the northern bank of the Muzat River. We then transfer to Kuqa, where we overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Kuqa Grand Hotel or similar


Today we continue our adventure with a 404-mile journey through the Taklamakan Desert, one of the most challenging deserts on earth. Along the way, we'll traverse dunes and follow the course of the Tarim River, the longest inland river in China. We'll visit the ruins of Rawak Stupa, the only temple in China with Gandhara-style architecture and the earliest pagoda in China. The stupa and other structures create a beautiful three-dimensional mandala. As we journey further into the desert, we'll experience the harsh and unforgiving conditions that have earned the Taklamakan the nickname "sea of death" among locals. But we'll also witness the stark beauty of this otherworldly landscape, with its shifting dunes and vast, empty vistas. We'll arrive in Khotan in the afternoon and check into our hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Khotan West Lake International Hotel  or similar


Today, we embark on an exciting adventure to explore some of the remarkable antiquities in the region. Our morning journey takes us on an 81-mile drive to Qira County, on the edge of the Taklamakan Desert, where we will discover globally renowned archaeological sites. Many explorers in the late 19th century came to this area to witness these antiquities, which include a 5th-century Buddhist temple with well-preserved murals, the reputed smallest Buddhist temple in the world, and some ancient paintings. After exploring these fascinating sites, we return to the local Uygur silk village of Jiya. We will visit family workshops that produce beautiful tie-dyed silk, exquisite jade carvings, and locally-made carpets. For lunch, we will dine at a local village restaurant. We will return to our hotel in the evening, have dinner, and spend the night.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Khotan West Lake International Hotel  or similar


Get ready to step back in time and imagine the caravans of the Silk Road traversing through breathtaking landscapes. Today's 10-hour journey takes us to Kashgar, with a break en route to visit the Tomb of the King of Shache, a site dating back to 1533. The tomb is renowned for its exquisite decoration and is the final resting place of the princess, poet, and musician Amannisahan, who composed the Twelve Mukam. Though the site has suffered damage over the centuries, the wall decorations and structure are still in good shape. In the past, the music from this region was considered unique in human history. Our drive takes us through Yarkand, a fertile oasis fed by the Yarkand River. If you're still feeling energetic after the long journey, take a walk around the city center upon arrival in Kashgar.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Kashgar Xingyue Jinjiang Hotel or similar


Today, we immerse ourselves in the vibrant Muslim culture of Kashgar, starting with a visit to the Id Kah Mosque. Originally built in the 10th century, the mosque was reconstructed in 1442 by Saqsiz Mirza. It has since become one of the largest mosques in China, accommodating up to 20,000 worshippers. The Kara-Khanid Khanate of Kashgar played a major role in the history of this region from the 10th to the 13th centuries. We'll explore the mosque's impressive architecture and learn about its role as a spiritual and cultural center for the local Muslim community. Next, we'll venture to the bustling market where thousands of donkeys, camels, sheep, and a huge range of merchandise are for sale. The market offers a fascinating glimpse into the daily life and commerce of Kashgar's people, and we'll have the opportunity to mingle with local vendors and browse the wares. In the late afternoon, we'll stroll through the old quarter of Kashgar, a maze-like network of narrow alleys and traditional courtyard homes. Here, we'll witness daily life unfold as residents do business and children play in the streets. Along the way, we'll have the chance to sample delicious local snacks and learn about the city's unique cuisine.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Kashgar Xingyue Jinjiang Hotel or similar


We embark on an unforgettable road trip that spans 124 miles along the famous Karakoram Highway. This renowned route stretches 808 miles from Pakistan's Punjab province to China's Khunjerab Pass in Gilgit-Baltistan, and it's considered the highest paved road in the world. As we drive through three huge mountain ranges, we'll be retracing the steps of the ancient Silk Road. Our destination is Karakul Lake, between the snow-capped Muztagh Ata and Kongur mountains, which exceed 22,966 feet in elevation. Admire the stunning views of the glaciers, the lake, and the magnificent mountain backdrop. After our excursion, we'll head to Tashkurgan, the last significant town, before reaching the Pakistani border.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Tashkhorgan Crown Inn or similar


Today we will explore the ancient Stone Fort and the surrounding grasslands of Tashkurgan. This historic site, which dates back 2,000 years, served as a major caravan stop for Silk Road merchants and was the capital of several kingdoms. After hiking through the picturesque grasslands at the foot of the fort, we will embark on a scenic drive to Kashgar. En route, we will stop at Karakul Lake, located in the remote Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. This stunning destination, situated at an elevation of 12,795 feet, is the highest lake in the country and the highest saltwater lake in Central Asia. We will take a short trek to appreciate this natural wonder's beauty fully. After checking in to our Kashgar hotel, the remainder of the evening is yours to explore at your leisure.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Accommodation: Kashgar Xingyue Jinjiang Hotel or similar


After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, we will proceed to Kashgar Airport for our flight home, marking the end of this diverse and enlightening 12-day tour that has uncovered the rich history, cultural heritage, and contemporary connections of the Southern Silk Road.

Meals: Breakfast

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Travel Along the Southern Silk Road of Xinjiang


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