Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet

The Himalayan countries of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet are some of Asia’s most incredible countries, with vast mountain landscapes offering phenomenal scenic views and rich cities perfect for sightseeing. The soaring Himalayan Mountains provide some of the best turf and trails for hiking in the world. Bhutan’s former capital of Punakha is home to one of the country’s most beautiful Dzong’s, a must-see when in Bhutan while heading into the countryside will introduce you to iconic monasteries, glacial valleys, and Bhutanese national treasures. On the other hand, Nepal has it all; mountains, jungles, spiritual landmarks, and magnificent ancient cities. The country also has a crazy and chaotic capital, Kathmandu, full of enticing locations and spiritual discoveries. Tibet is the place to be if you want to explore temples and palaces while also home to vast lakes and thriving markets. The country is also one to head to for incredible glimpses of the magnificent, snow-topped Everest.


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